Chuck Hasson Shihan

Experience: 35 years
Jujitsu Rank: 8th Degree
Karate Rank: 6th Degree

Owner and Master insutructor at Startford Martial Arts, Hasson Shihan has been a personal student of Yamanaka Shihan for over 30 years. He is the international Director of Yamanaka-ha SHindo Ryu Jujitsu and International and National instructor for both YKKF Karate/Jujutsu and YSR Jujitsu. He has competed on the national and international level as a YKKF Karate/Jujitsu team member in 1997, 2002-2008. Hasson Shihan also directs the Stratford YMCA and Olympica Sports Camp Karate Program.

Renshi Mathew Stephen

Experience: 25 years
Jujitsu Rank: 4th Degree
Karate Rank: 4th Degree

Renshi Robert Tajti

Experience: 20 years
Jujitsu Rank: 4th Degree

Sensei Robert Wray

Experience: 20 years
Jujitsu Rank: 3rd Degree